My name is Luke Donoghue & I’m a Google search marketing expert who specialises in helping businesses like yours 2x-3x increase their sales online.

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Luke Donoghue

Double Your Inquiries, Sales Or Revenue From Google Within Three Months

  • You want to grow your business using Google, but you have no idea how to do it, and don’t want to waste time or thousands of dollars by trying yourself?
  • You’ve already started advertising in Google yourself, but are getting terrible results, and don’t know what to do to fix it?
  • You know there's a competitor in your industry who is crushing it online and you want the same results but don't know how to get them?
  • You’ve worked with a search agency before who were supposedly “experts”, but they couldn’t deliver real results?

72 Inquiries In First 45 Days

From just $1800 ad spend

48 Quote Requests In 2 Days

$78k In Sales In 1 Month

My Clients Succeed

We've been consistently able to generate 5x-10x ROI for clients in trade and service based industries

From A Simple Email Campaign

From a brand new ad campaign

Constant Optimisation using propriatary call tracking and more

Here's How I Guarantee You'll Get Breakthrough Results

Targeted, Keyword specific landing pages built for high conversions

I track every dollar you spend - and how much you make back. Then, we double down on what produces revenue and cut what doesn't. 

Best in class PPC optimisation for Google Adwords and more

Here's how it works:

Using a combination of consumer psychology principles, analytics, heat mapping data, plus industry and competitor analysis, we scientifically determine the most profitable strategy for you.

We then use A/B tests to find changes that really influence your prospects to convert to customers at a higher rate. 

Successful marketing campaigns aren't based on luck. Marketing is a repeatable science.

A Research & Data Driven Approach

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